How to remove sap from windshield

Put the remover on a clean rag and then set the cloth over the sap spot

If it were me I would try the WD-40 firstI've tried scratching them off with a fingernail but they won't come off

To ensure you don’t do more harm than good you’ll need to clay bar the glass thoroughly as wellConsidering the bright red color of my car, it can stand out when it’s got sap on it and I have to get it removed almost every weekClearPlex can be very profitableThe oak trees aren’t actually dripping sap from their leaves, it is the honeydew leftAnother method to remove the sap is to use mineral sprits

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Yeah but with Subaru's EyeSight system, a new windshield also means a trip to the dealer to get the system recalibratedEven large, hardened sap droplets can be dissolved by this stuff in secondsStep 1: Apply rubbing alcohol or a sap remover